BOLT (Backend Operations and Logistics Terminal) as a Platform


Experience personalized packaging, multi-channel order fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment and warehousing by using a unique one-stop-shop for 3PL/4PL/5PL logistics provider.

  • Automate your fulfillment - from order to delivery
  • AI driven recommendations for Warehouse Location, Class choice, Product Category and 40+ parameters to lower supply chain costs
  • Cloud warehouse to scale-up or scale-down on demand
  • A hyper-scalable system for a hyper-scalable era
  • Provide your customers with a great post-purchase experience
  • Near Fence Storage for Lowest cost 2-hour, Same-day LAST MILE fulfillment
  • Customers reduce their storage costs by over 40% guaranteed
  • Enabling the Gig-Economy with effective Crowdsourcing Warehouse Space
  • Multi and Omni Channel sales ability from single location with no inventory lock-in
  • Small , Medium Warehouse Owners and Operators to increase their revenues by over 60%
  • Storage Class Choice by products , not by company

Why Choose Us

We Provide Truly Prominent Hyperlocal AI driven WMS Solutions.

We bring together everything that’s required to grow your ecommerce distribution. From storing your inventory at optimal locations to packing your orders to delivering it to the customers, our platform powers everything so that your customers get the best shopping experience they deserve.


Meet the all-in-one ecommerce fulfilment platform

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Easily Manage Inventory by Accurately Predicting Demand

Operations Automation

Accurate inventory

BOLT automatically updates inventory across all sales channels. Our integrated system syncs all your online and offline channels in real time.

Demand planning

Provides demand forecasting and replenishment recommendations, based on the KPIs that matter the most to you. Don't let your investment get tied up in excess inventory or lose sales due to insufficient stock.

Time-saving automation

Stop wasting all those hours on tedious manual tasks. Quickly set up customized rules to automate time-consuming workflows, from order fulfilment and inventory allocation to shipping and accounting.

Product performance analysis

Spot your hot (and not-so-hot) products based on metrics such as order volume, revenue, margin or customer lifetime value. Combine data from all your sales channels.

Instant financial insight

Integrate your accounting with your inventory in one central hub to gain real-time insight into sales performance, profitability and costs across all channels.

Speed up the reordering process

Quickly see which products need to be reordered, along with the required quantities, with a handy Replenishment Report. Create purchase orders in one click.

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