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Get orders out faster and more accurately - even as you scale

By letting BOLT's Automation Engine take care of the time-consuming, manual aspects of fulfilling orders, including dropshipping, partial fulfillment, multi-location fulfillment, warehouse transfers, invoicing and more. You’ll be able to pick, pack and ship more products in less time with fewer errors.

Get instant, real-time insight into the status of orders and stay in control of your finances with our purpose-built, native e-commerce connectors, warehouse management tools and plug & play accounting integrations

  • Multi-warehouse order fulfillment
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Dropshipping made easy
  • Simple partial fulfillment
  • FIFO order routing
  • Channel-specific shipping
  • Centralize shipping carriers

Automatically choose the best inventory location to fulfil an order. No more transferring inventory between warehouses before shipping!

What Benefit You Will Get

Ship items in different ways depending on the sales channel they were bought on. Create channel-specific templates for packing notes. And flag international orders for additional


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