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Integrate all channels to offer a seamless experience to customers

The Ultimate System for Wholesale, B2B & Hybrid Brands whether you’re a wholesaler branching into DTC or you’re exploring wholesale and B2B channels in addition to retail storefront.

Run everything in one place

Streamline your wholesale and retail workflows in one central hub, gaining an instant overview of your whole business and avoiding endless switches between systems.

Multi-channel made simple

It doesn’t matter whether you take orders via phone, email or your webstore – all order info and inventory levels are automatically updated in one place. You’ll have a real-time view of your inventory, and can avoid overselling and overstocking.

Data-driven replenishment

Accurately forecast sales demand based on your sales history taking into account fluctuations in seasonality and supply chain with our smart Demand Planner. Reorder the right products for each channel at the right time to keep your cash flow healthy.

Easy wholesale integrations

Integrates out-of-the-box with leading wholesale e-commerce platforms, the connections are built using eArbor’s high-performance API.

Financial and Accounting Solutions

Our ready integrations with Financial Systems such as QuickBooks and Tally or any ERF systems ensure hassle-free accounting related to all your transactions with marketplaces.

Centralized Inventory

We synchronize your inventory to enable a single view of real-time inventory. Our system provides customized inventory controls specific to marketplaces.

Logistics Solutions

We give you the unparalleled access to global logistics solution providers, simplifying the process. Our partnerships with some of the best 3PL solution providers and last mile fulfillment partners

Integrated CRM

Store all your customer information in one central hub. BOLT automatically creates new customer records and logs all future orders, giving your team an accurate overview of your client base.